Monday, December 3, 2012

Scenes from the December 1st Outdoor Market

The December 1st Really Really Free Market was another successful event made wonderful by the love and support of its enthusiasts and Campbell Park! This was our first outdoor winter market and despite the chilly weather, we had a good turnout and a warm campfire that kept us and our spirits toasty all day!  Thanks again to those people who donated firewood, tended to the fire, and sang sweet music to us by the heat!

It was great to see people who had been to the RRFM before and to meet new visitors.   A few first-timers were walking along Campbell Ave and noticed our sandwich board and were quickly drawn in by the cozy campfire smell and crowd of people enjoying some hot chocolate while exploring winter clothes, stacks of books, computer stuff, a bike rack, holiday decorations and supplies, and even a wooden toddler’s sled!  Thank you Campbell Park Staff for what seemed like a never-ending pot of hot chocolate and some tasty cookies.

We had a few people sign up for our monthly newsletter and some to volunteer for the RRFM.  Two people stated they would like to share skills and provide free services at the next Market (hint hint: don’t pack those bicycles away too quickly!).  We always appreciate the support and helping hands!  If you would like to get involved or find out more about us, please send a friendly email to

Happy Holidays everyone and see you on January 5th!

(Here's a peek of what it looked and felt like on December 1st:)

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