Friday, December 2, 2016

Limit on visit times due to smaller market size

The next three months, our usual indoor space will be split between the market and hockey players/equipment, so our space will be smaller.

Some of you might remember how crowded it was at the last market! To avoid that happening again, we will ask you to limit each visit to an hour, with some exceptions as below.

Since our average visitor only stays 15-20 minutes, an hour is more than sufficient time to fill your bag to the limit. (See limits below.) If after an hour it becomes quiet and you have not filled your bag yet, you're welcome to stay a little longer. Or you could leave when it is crowded and return later (nice coffee places in the area). We discourage anyone from staying at the market more than a couple of hours in total.

As always, at 3 o'clock, limits are off! After 3 pm you can take as much as you wish, extending your stay up to a total of 3 hours!

Before 3 pm limits are: 
One  large shopping bag (or half shopping cart) per person;
Two large shopping bags (or one shopping cart) per family.

We rely on your goodwill. We also want to enjoy yourselves, so we're not counting minutes or anything. If at any time, we find it crowded and breaking fire safety regulations (and the market code of respect that allows *everyone* a chance to enjoy the goodies at the market) a volunteer will make an announcement, asking for those who have been at the market for about an hour (or the longest, if the market has not been open for an hour) to leave and return later if they wish.