Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Really really free market is a great way of donating and getting stuff one needs. We have been at the market since summer and enjoyed this wonderful initiative. The skirt from the picture attached was from the February market. We used it for a costume for a charity show that will take place this coming week-end. Thank you to all the volunteers and market participants for making this happen. Lori and Rosi
Do you have impressions, stories, lucky finds to share with us? We'd love to hear!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Market stories.... We want yours!

Each of our markets is full of people stories and nice little moments that would not have happened were it not for the market.

Some of those best moments take place when someone walks in with an item, and someone else who happens to be there, exclaims, "just I what I've been looking for!" There are many things we only buy for others as a gift but consider it a luxury for ourselves... But in the market you might just find that "luxury" item for yourself, free!

One of the memorable moments this past market happened when a girl of about 10 brought some of her things to the market. Five minutes after she left, a woman took many of those things, saying that they were exactly what the orphanage she was going to visit in Taiwan was looking for. I wish the girl and her had met one another!

And then there was this Spanish  man at our market, just off the plane a week ago!  His girlfriend had arrived from Spain couple of months ago for a job in Toronto, and visiting the Really Really Free Market was one of the first things she did here. She immediately knew she wanted to volunteer at the market. And so when her boyfriend arrived to join her, three of them-herself, her boyfriend, and their beloved dog-came to the market. You will see the pooch's photo in the slide show of the previous post.

Please send your Really Really Free Market stories to rrfmarket@gmail.com