Sunday, November 18, 2012

Holiday-themed outdoor market by the fire-pit (Indoors if it rains): 1st of December, 10-4!!

We hope that the fans of Really Really Free Market are as excited about our fire-side market as we are. In the spirit of the new season, coming holidays, and the re-opening of the hockey rink, we suggest that the participants of the market think about:

Hats, gloves & mittens, scarves, earmuffs, leg-warmers, ski boots, goggles, sleds......

The more firewood we have, the longer we can keep the firepit going.
Candles, incense, decorations, indoor games, gift-wrapping stuff, wreaths, table-cloths, tea-towels... The community centre will welcome Christmas trees as well.

 HOCKEY! Hockey helmets, skates, and other hockey gear that are in good enough shape to be used by the participants of the Campbell Park Hockey Rink....

 SMALL! This time we will only have a few tables and maybe a clothing rack. Remember that the Really Really Free Market has no storage space, and has to transport leftovers (often on foot or by TTC) to charities (only to ones that do not sell the stuff). That will be harder to do in the winter than it was in the summer, and almost impossible for large items, so please be mindful of that when you bring stuff. A couple of  exception are faux Christmas trees, which the Park itself would like a have a couple of, and sleighs. And when you bring items please bring those that are in good condition, reasonably clean, and usable. 

Don't forget that Campbell Park is going to be having a dinner event to celebrate the re-opening of the skating rink.

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