Wednesday, July 12, 2017

My First Free Market Experience by Bernard Ordiz

WEDNESDAY, July 12, 2017

     Who in the world DOES NOT like free stuff? No offence but I would probably reckon that only a crazy person of the highest order would be frank enough to confess they hate free stuff. Or they are very likely a compulsive liar. You choose. As I am neither crazy nor a compulsive liar, I assure you, I decided to go to the "absolutely magnanimous and sophisticated" Really Really Free Market at 225 Campbell Ave., Toronto, ON M6P 3V5. Save the address, y'all! You will need it for future free markets.

I really like this welcoming sign.
     It was July 1st, 2017, Canada Day, when the Really Really Free Market took place. That day was my first time volunteering there as well as exploring the Campbell Park. I hastily rushed inside the little storage-looking place where the market happened because regrettably, it was raining on Canada Day. It was not an auspicious day for the market. There inside, I saw this zany and unreserved woman wearing a headband with two miniatures of the Canadian flag hanging at the top. I introduced myself and found out that this woman was none other than Suzan. 

Suzan is the communicative woman set at right, conversing with the collectors.

     Suzan was welcoming and she introduced me to the other volunteers who were just as enthusiastic as her. She was also convivial: I remember her asking me of how I pronounce my name as she figured some people are irked of wrong name pronunciations. Then, she proceeded to delineate how the Really Really Free Market works. It is just like a thrift store where a plethora of gently used items are taken whereas the collector will either choose to swap an item with his belonging or he can choose not to swap it at all. I was the latter because I absolutely forgot to bring a bag and initially had no intentions of fishing for any items. However, Suzan handed me a bag. At first, I hesitated but determined that I should probably look for some clothes and room decorations.

Some things I am interested in.

Things I am definitely not interested
     I rummaged through the magazines and DVDs but found none of the magazine topics nor film titles interested me. I mean, do you expect a sixteen-year-old boy to pick up a cooking magazine with a beaming Paula Deen on the cover? However, I found a much interesting book: a travel guide to New York. Before you think of something mocking or condescending, my family almost got lost in New York so this must be a handy guide. Nonetheless, that was the only book that interested me. If I brought my parents along, Mom could have picked up a romantic novel by Danielle Steel while Dad would have picked up the Sin City movie. Just jesting, I actually picked the movie. 

A bookworm at the market.
A lovely coat for a lovely collector.

     Of course, who the heck would forget to pick out some clothes? I indubitably did not because I selected a blue NHL shirt with the New York Rangers logo at the front and Callahan at the back. Too much for supporting the Toronto Maple Leafs. Across the racks of clothing, I spotted a painting of a scenery. Though it looks a little amateurish with plastered paint, I thought it was really simple and could be a good decoration in my room. All I need is a nail and hammer to hang the painting. Besides the painting was a candle holder but instead of just a traditional holder, it depicted three carved figures creating a circle together by holding each others' hands. Positioned in the middle, of course, is where the candle is supposedly placed. I grabbed it and put in my grocery bag where I told Suzan that that was all I wanted for now and that I would be departing. She thanked me for coming as I peered outside to discover heavy rain.

Beautiful artwork at the market.

Overall, I really recommend the place not only for people who may not afford lavishly but for those who simply want to collect items. In fact, I saw a whole bunch of music CDs and I saw a millennial man who selected a The Romantics CD which I reckon was probably added to his music collection. Best of all, it is free. You do not need to swap anything nor are you inspected after finally selecting your items. For the market and the items are free, you will not regret keeping something you do not like because you did not pay for it. It was an absolute success and I had the great pleasure to have my first Really Really Free Market experience with affable volunteers. Until then, I shall see them and you, fellow collectors, at the next market.

Items that I selected to bring home.