Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Do you have a car? Would you like to volunteer with our community market for about half hour? If your answer is yes and yes, be a transport volunteer on May 7th!

Despite the large volume of stuff that moves through our market, somehow we always end up with more stuff than we started with! Visitors are allowed to take as much as they wish after 3 pm, but most visitors have already had their fill by then...

Usually leftover stuff is too much for other volunteers to transport to charities in their backpacks and bicycles, although they take as much as they can.

If you have a car or other similar motor vehicle, you could make a huge contribution to our monthly community event: We need transport volunteers to come by between 4:15 to 4:45 (or a bit later if more convenient), and take some of the leftovers (which we will box or bag) either to to a nearby charitable second-hand store that is a five-minute drive away and open on Saturday evenings, or to a charity, event, community space, or any other place of their own choice.

Are you that person? 


Please e-mail us at rrfmarket@gmail.com if you are! 


Our next market is Saturday, May 7th, and we are looking for end-of-market transport volunteers for that day. 


Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Reflections on April 2nd RRFM

THANK YOU to everyone who supported our first RRFM Campbell Park of the 2016 season! It was a busy day for volunteers and market-goers (so busy, in fact, that we forgot to take photographs of the excitement).  We were delighted to see many returning faces and also to meet new members of our community.  

Since winter decided to grace us with another week of chilly weather, we operated out of the clubhouse and onto the front patio this month.  People were certainly into spring cleaning mode in preparation for the market, as we had the pleasure of experiencing lots and lots of clothes and a variety of objects, from sports gear to vinyl records to kitchen and craft supplies, pass through the event. There seemed to be something for everyone!

We appreciate your continued effort to create and uphold community at the RRFM Campbell Park. It is a place of sharing, courtesy, giving space, and friendship.  We look forward to maintaining this spirit at our next market on May 7th.  Hope to see you then!

**If you are interested in volunteering (day-of market, organizational, transportation) with the RRFM Campbell Park, please send an email to rrfmarket@gmail.com.**

PS: You may have noticed a camera crew visiting us on Saturday. A few people from Fairchild Television Ltd. stopped by to experience the market and record a view words from some of our organizing volunteers.  Be sure to check out their weekly show, "City View" on Fairchild and Talent Vision TV. RRFM love to all! Ya!