What happens to the leftovers at the end of the market?

Volunteer drivers take the items, if they can, to charities or community centres of their choice. Due to the insufficient number of volunteer drivers, and the fact that most of the places we would like to donate to are closed  Saturday evening, as well us not having overnight storage space, we end up sending many items to Salvation Army. 

Sometimes people come and take some of the leftovers to an event they are holding. This has included a separate night time Really Really Free Market, swap events, a Nuit Blanche exhibition. 

Anyone who has an organization or event  they would like to take second-hand stuff to can come by between after 4:00. We will provide them with boxes and bags to pack things in. We could even help them pack. If they are going to come later, and they send a list of stuff they want and a contact number, we can put stuff aside for them, but we cannot store them. They must pick them up on the evening of the market.

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