Sunday, November 5, 2017

The Beauty of Autumn and Gloom of Winter

The Beauty of Autumn and Gloom of Winter
by Bernard Ordiz

I cannot believe it! December 2017 is fast approaching and next thing we know, we see little snowflakes falling from the sky. I do not know about you but sometimes I get winter blues. The sight of muddy slush, wet boots, layers and layers of jacket and yellow snow make me feel despondent, that I would have to endure these for the next three months or so.

What I would probably miss the most in autumn is the mosaic of leaves and the invigorating touch of the autumn wind on my face. I will also miss the times when the REALLY REALLY FREE MARKET hosts their monthly market outside and the weather is beautiful. It is amazing to see many marketgoers come out and search for the needed materials for FREE. Seriously, the materials there at the market are really FREE! Usually, I take something but this time, I did not because I already took A LOT of FREE items. 

If you need something, do not hesitate to visit the

The market is held at 225 Campbell Avenue at Campbell Avenue Park from 10 am to 4 pm in a very diverse, quiet and welcoming neighbourhood. It's really worth the travel from Scarborough, where I live, to there because it is kind of bucolic, a little away from the main intersections of Dundas Street West and Bloor Street West.

There are a lot of amazing volunteers there too who, like me, enjoy the beautiful weather Mother Nature bestows (unless it is winter). I am really going to miss the market when it is held outdoors because of the crunching sound of leaves and the appearance of the sun above the trees, emanating its gleaming sunlight and emitting warmth to encase the marketgoers.

I miss the autumn fashion when people just wear light boots and a light sweater instead of layers and layers of jackets and heavy boots that they drag on the ground, thus making this annoying noise. At the market, many marketgoers are searching for FREE autumn coats and autumn accessories. Sadly, this will end soon as jackets will replace them. On the bright side, those jackets will be FREE so make sure to check them out if you need one!

Autumn is my favourite season because it makes me nostalgic about school, my first day in Canada many years ago and the exquisite mixture of red, orange and yellow that keep many Torontonians in a sunny disposition. I guess I would just have to endure the ravaging impact of the snowstorm and the pain when I slip on the ice. Anyways, I'll hope to see you at the December market which I wish is still outdoor and has no slush and weet boots in sight!


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