Sunday, May 29, 2016

New Shopping Guideline

Dear market visitors,

The one-shopping cart per person limit we put in place last summer has been mostly very successful! A shopping cart-ful is often more than most of our visitors want from the market.  Unfortunately, this guideline has not worked for everyone and we’ve received complaints about "inconsiderate" and "greedy” shopping practices.

Beginning at our July Market, we are going to change the limit in hopes to remedy this situation. Presently we are thinking of providing each visitor with a large bag that they can fill up and return to us when they are finished at the market.

We welcome feedback (preferably constructive ones) on this matter.  Please also tell us why *you* come to the market. If you like to take more than a cartful of stuff, please tell us your reasons. We're listening!

You can reach out to us at or in-person at the June 4th market.

Thank you for your continuing efforts at community building!
With love,
Campbell Park RRFM Team

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