Friday, September 4, 2015


This is a friendly reminder that the RRFM will take place tomorrow from 10am-4pm at Campbell Park!!
If you haven't been to the RRFM before, we aim to create community by:

1.     Giving space: Following people who bring items to the market or waiting next to them while they put their items on the table is inappropriate.

2.     Courtesy: Take turns examining items.
3.     Sharing: Competing for goods contradicts the market’s mission of sharing.
4.     Friendship & community: We are here to have fun together!

5.     Common sense: The market is not a recycling facility, and cannot accept broken, torn or stained items.

There is also a "shopping cart" guideline for collecting materials; single market-goers are kindly asked to limit their collections to one shopping cart worth of items before 3pm, for families a maximum of two shopping carts. Our hope with this guideline is that it will allow as many different people coming to the market to have the opportunity to access as many different items as possible. Keep in mind though that after 3pm, anyone is free to take as much as they like. Feel free to email us at if you have any questions. Thanks, and free market love to all! 

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