Sunday, April 7, 2013

April 6th was our largest market to date

Close to four hundred people attended the market. Was it a celebration of spring, or of the wonderful idea of a no-money no-trade no-barter market, or the fact that it was our 10th consecutive monthly market at Campbell Park? Probably all!

Here is what market attender D. Liuzzi wrote to us following the market:

It is because [Really Really Free Market] patiently answered all my questions in email that I checked it out and was not afraid to try and it exceeded my expectation. It felt great to be pleasently surprised and on the same page as we shared our similar experiences with...used stuff. My husband tells me the Portuguese have a word, "Furtura", it means more than enough, a situation of plenty. We are so lucky here in Canada.
Once when I was re-entering the RRFM their was a tiny line up/crowd at the door to get in as people talked and checked in, a woman behind me apprehensively asked, "Do you have to pay to get in?" I turned and smiled at her and happily said, "No." She looked a little confused. I could see she was trying to wrap her brain around the one wants anything except co-operation, no one wants MONEY.

Photographs courtesy of Sandeep Chopade

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